5 Japanese Kitchen Gadgets You Probably Didn’t Know Exists

To the one who always says “If only there was an easier way to do…”, this article is for you. These 5 interesting Japanese kitchen gadgets will make you go “What?! I didn’t know this actually exists!” Trust me, your life will be more complete now.

1.  Quail Egg Scissors Pucchi (Mini) by Kanetsune

quail egg scissors


“You mean there is a type of scissors dedicated to opening quail eggs?!” Yes, my friend, such things do exist. This is especially helpful for those who have big and plump fingers (not trying to bring anyone down) and is a quail egg lover, this kitchen tool is for you! The good thing about using this tool is that it creates a clean cut when you cut it through the egg, hence minimizing the addition of egg shells into your bowl.

2. Daiso Handy Sealer

quail egg scissorsquail egg scissors


This next one is definitely a lifesaver for those who love chips but also have some self-control to not finish everything in one sitting. Many times, our team have faced the struggle of not being able to finish our snacks (especially when it is a big bag) or we are just kind souls who want to save some for the rest of the team, this is when the handy sealer comes in so handy! Gone are the days of having to constantly stock up on Ikea’s Bevara food sealing clips because they constantly run out — we don’t even know where all of them went to!

All you need to start using it is a new pair of AA batteries. If your country has Daiso, then lucky you! Plus, it’s a super inexpensive tool worth investing in.

Directions to use:

1. Flip the safety cover down to reveal the heating element.

2. Hold the plastic bag and clamp the sealer for 3 seconds.

3. While clamping lightly on the sealer, slowly pull the bag through. Depending on the thickness of the bag, the pulling speed and clamping force may need to be adjusted.

How to clean:

– To avoid injuries, always remove the batteries prior to cleaning.

– Do not use paint thinner for cleaning.

– Clean the body and heating element with a damp cloth.


– This is a domestic bag sealer. Do not use for more than 1 minute.

– If the sealer is used for 1 minute, wait for 5 minutes before using again.

– Do not press on the heating element as it can cause burns.

– Keep out of the reach of children.

– Flip up the safety bar to cover the heating element to prevent injuries when not in use.

– Do not disassemble or modify the sealer.

– Do not seal bags that carry liquids.

– Do not touch the sealed area immediately after sealing as the heat could cause burns.

– Inspect and check on battery life and leakages regularly.

– Do not use the product for any purpose other than as originally intended.

– Do not use near fire or damp places.

– Do not use if there are any damage to the sealer.

– For disposal, follow local disposal guidelines.

– Retain the packaging for reference.

(All directions, cleaning and warning instructions are credited to this link.)


3. Daiso Egg Timer

quail egg scissors


This is another must-have kitchen essential because who doesn’t eat eggs? (assuming you’re not on any special diets, example vegetarian) As the name suggests, this little “chick” will help you to cook your hard-boiled eggs to your desired preference. There are all together 3 levels (soft, medium or hard) of how you want your hard-boiled egg done.

Directions for use:

1. Place the egg timer in the water together with the egg.

2. Wait and watch the timer as it will change colour as the water boils.

3. When the colour change reaches the desired boiled egg hardness on the timer, remove the eggs from the heat.


Do not cool the egg timer with cold water as the sudden drop in temperature may cause cracks. Leave the egg timer to cool down on its own to room temperature.

(All directions and warnings are credited to this link.)

4. Taiyaki Maker

taiyaki maker


Can’t get enough of the delicious Taiyaki from Japan and craving for some badly? Don’t fret! Thanks to this portable Taiyaki maker, you can now enjoy your Taiyaki right at home! Do note that there are variations out in the market. Some are meant to be used over a gas stove while others (like the one in the picture) requires a power plug. Now, all you need to do is find that perfect Taiyaki recipe!

5. Portable Watermelon Stroller (aka Tama-chan)

quail egg scissors


This vacuum cleaner-like equipment is used to transport your watermelon from one place to another, except what’s cooler is that it has both cooling and heating functions. So, if you want your watermelon to stay cool when you’re out for a picnic, especially during the hot and humid summer, then this gadget can be your new portable fridge. The downside? It costs a whopping $200! The brainchild behind this invention is by Japanese maker Joybond. According to them, you can also use Tama-chan to keep your food and drinks warm using its heating function.

Japan is known to invent many quirky yet useful gadgets and tools, gaining the attention of audiences from all over the world and getting them to try it out for themselves. We are quietly waiting for more inventions from Japan. We will be sure to update you once they are out!

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